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People drive companies. Without their talent and motivation, successful entrepreneurship is impossible. CurTec recognizes the importance of people. We offer excellent, flexible employment terms. On this page you find our employment terms for the people working from our Dutch office. For our people in other European countries and in the United States, the employment terms are different, but also attractive and competitive according to local legislation and (economic) situations.

The base

CurTec offers competitive salaries. Growing in your job means you can grow your income. Based on fulltime employment we offer 8% holiday allowance and 25 holidays annually. Working in shifts entitles you to a premium of 19.8 % (3-shifts) or 28% (5-shifts).


In addition to 8% holiday allowance we offer a 3% year-end bonus. As a CAO (collective bargaining agreement) employee you are also entitled to 12 ADV (extra time off) holidays on top of your regular 25 holidays. Our staff committee is active, dedicated and organizes fun activities.


CurTec offers you a yearly budget for your own personal employability. We also have a Social Fund that supports our people in need and offer diverse programs for Vitality. Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, have less stress or sleep better; CurTec will support you all the way.

Safety and security

We are working hard at creating the safest work environment possible. We are also dedicated to shaping a culture where communicating openly and holding each other accountable allows you, your team and CurTec to grow. Should you encounter difficulties, it is helpful to know CurTec provides a safety net through  various additional insurances  for disability, relatives, medical expenses and retirement.

New! Sponsor a cause through CurTec

Corporate Social Responsibility inspired CurTec to launch a financial grant award  initiative for employees. Once a year, we ask our people to suggest charities in their close environment that deserve sponsoring. A dedicated committee then puts a selection of charities up for vote and our employees decide which charity is sponsored for a certain amount.


Do our employment terms appeal to you and are you that talented new team member who is:

  • Results-driven?
  • Solutions-oriented instead of problem-focused?
  • Ready to take initiative?
  • Aiming for growth?

Apply now if you are looking for a work environment that is characterized by an informal culture, wel defined procedures and short lines of communication. Our job openings

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